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Triangle Climber
  • Triangle Climber

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    What is the Pikler triangle?

    Named after Dr. Emmi Pikler (1902-1984) herself, the Pikler triangle is a climbing structure that children learn to navigate at their own pace. The Pikler triangle allows children to explore their bodies, understand their boundaries and respond to their climbing needs.


    What are the benefits of the Pikler Triangle?

    The benefits of play with our triangle are far-reaching. Play on it will help your child to develop:

    • Dexterity
    • Movement pleasure
    • Balance
    • Motor skills
    • Courage
    • Healthy joints
    • Muscle development
    • Bone health


    The triangle can be made up of different shapes. The benefit of the varying constructions is that each variation has a unique effect. The various forms and hardness of the slides help to massage your child’s feet. The additional setups ensure that all nodes in your little ones’ feet are put to use.
    The stimulation of feet is vital, as it helps prevent flat feet and improves posture for the rest of life.


    Pikler Triangle:
    • Height – 72 cm or 28.3”
    • Length – 86 cm or 34″
    • Width – 82 cm or 33″

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