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The turning point for finally launching other tiny things was the announcement of a 'tiny' miracle.

As godmothers, aunties and now mothers we were eager to dive into the wonderful experience of baby shopping only to realise that the local market had a limited choice of products combining both quality and style.


We loved the designs and concepts of several brands we couldn’t have access to and so we decided to create a platform that can deliver the other things. Whether it is babycare, nursery décor or fashion, we have been diligent in selecting a few of the most beautiful and alternative brands for newborns and toddlers as to address the current needs of modern families living in Cyprus. 

Other tiny things is operated exclusively by us and our principal aim is to select and provide, where possible, products that are eco-friendly, organic and natural, and free from toxic chemicals.

We believe other tiny things will become the ultimate destination for carefully selected products in a world of overwhelming choice.

We hope you enjoy growing with us and we are always open to suggestions.



Alexia & Andriani

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