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Swim Diaper Pants - Craby Skyway
  • Swim Diaper Pants - Craby Skyway

    €27,00 Regular Price
    €23,00Sale Price

    Diaper trunks STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® with a high, close-fitting waist and ribbing at the legs. Produced in soft neoprene that meets the requirements of bathing in pools and swimming pools.
    No more accidents and leaks in the bath water.
    The neoprene diaper swim trunks have a close-fitting high waist and ribbing at the legs.

    It can be used both with or without a swimming nappy, the advantage of using a swimming nappy together with our neoprene swimming trunks is that there is more leakage and that the swimming trunks are easier to keep clean.

    Produced in high flexible quality 2 mm neoprene, are anti-bacterial and have a good ergonomic fit, which makes them both safe and comfortable for the children to wear.
    The neoprene swimming trunks have a practical UV filter of SPF 50+, so the child is well protected against the sun's harmful UV rays.

    100% free of phthalates and latex

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