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Magali Swimsuit - Stripe Tuscany Rose
  • Magali Swimsuit - Stripe Tuscany Rose


    Designed for the young and active go-getter who loves spending their days under the sun, the Magali Swimsuit gives you style, comfort, and coverage that lasts.
    A halfway zipper in the front for easy opening adds to a sporty look, while the long sleeves and high collar provides the ultimate protection along with the UPF 40+ certified recycled polyester.


    • Material lining: 100% recycled polyester

    • The fabric protects against the suns UV rays with the highest ultraviolet protection factor, UPF 40+

    • Stretchy and fast drying• Simple, clean design

    • Zipper in front for easy opening

    • High collar to protect neck from sun

    • Tone-in-tone hem

    • Tested according to Solar UV Protective

    Color: pink