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  • Ki-ki-ri-ki


    A very exciting game, played in pairs, where the best strategists will win the game.

    Each turn, we discard out cards in order to get four cards from the same family, and win the game. Before starting, we will have agreed with our game partner our secret signal. The player who gets the four cards from the same family first, will make the agreed secret signal to their partner, who will have to sing "kikiriki" to win the game. If the opponents detect the secret signal and shouts "kokorocó" first, they will win! Use strategies and trickery to make sure you win!

    Our version of a classic traditional card game called square. A game of speed where the secret signals will be the protagonists!

    • Details


      • Made in Barcelona
      • Composition FSC paper and recycled cardboard

      • Illustration Txell Darné

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