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Hand & Footprint Keepsake Box
  • Hand & Footprint Keepsake Box


    Preserve the memories of your baby's special moments with Vanilla Copenhagen's hand and footprint set. Soft lightweight clay - Free of materials harmful to health.

    Included: Tin box with a non-toxic self-hardening lightweight clay, a wooden roller, an acrylic foot
    Tin box: Silver / White
    Size: Diameter 18 cm

    Complete set with everything you need to make an impression of the child's foot or hand at home! The result is a lasting and beautiful memory, perfect for your own home or as a gift.

    Instructions: Keep bag closed until use. Soften the clay by kneading it for two to three minutes, or until it is soft and all air bubbles are gone. To avoid the clay sticking to the surface, it is recommended to place it on the plastic film from the bag. Roll out the clay with the wooden roller to a thickness that fits the tin box. Gently press the child's hand or foot into the clay and make an impression. When the impression is made, the excess clay must be cut away so that the impression fits the tin box. Place the clay impression in the box and let it air dry on a flat surface. Leave the impression to dry for 2 days in a cool place. When the clay is dry, the tin box can be placed in the acrylic base or simply in the tin box to commemorate the special moment.

    Warning: Keep the product away from heat sources. For decoration only. This product is not intended for children's play.

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