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Hand & Foot Memories Inkless Imprint Box Set
  • Hand & Foot Memories Inkless Imprint Box Set


    Vanilla Copenhagen Impression set for baby hand and foot.  Make fine and detailed hand and foot prints with your child.Create memories, complete set to make an impression of the child's foot or hand at home. The result is a lasting and beautiful memory, perfect for your own home or as a gift.


    1 x white picture frame 204 x 264 15 mm

    1 x impression plate black

    1 x impression paper white

    Ease of use:

    Wipe feet and hands with the cloth.

    Then lightly press your hand or foot against the paper and a few seconds later a finely detailed print appears, clearly showing all lines and details.


    All our imprint products are free of dangerous substances and 100% safe to use from birth.


    Warning: Keep the product away from heat sources. For decoration only. This product is not intended for children's play.

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