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    Gather your toy tractors, toy barns and every farm animal you can find!
    If there’s one place kids love to go, it would probably be a farm. There’s simply so much going on and so much to discover!  Now you can visit a farm anytime you want, by building your very own imaginary one!  Our activity playmats create a play area for children in seconds.
    So gather your toy tractors, toy barns and every farm animal you can find. And when playtime is over, simply pull the strings of the playmat and watch it transform into a storage bag.
    Perfect to store all your farm toys.

    Color: beige
    Out of Stock
    • Specifications

      • Diameter 140 cm
      • 70% cotton - 30% polyester
      • Double side printed

      5 free tips to extend the lifetime of your Play&Go bag!

      1) Before you machine wash fix the colors in a bucket with water and add some vinegear and this for 24hrs.

      2) When you wash your Play&Go for the first time, the dye can fade. We advice to wash the play and go bag the first time seperatly. Moreover, you Play&Go is better preserved its color if you use a detergent without bleach.

      3) Adjust the temperature of the washing machine not higher than 30°C. More perfect is just to hand wash it.

      4) Cotton fabric is susceptible to discoloration by the sun. Dry your Play&Go bag in a shady spot.

      5) Do not use washing softener.

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