La Fabrikanatomie
  • La Fabrikanatomie


    Discover how the human body works:
    Muscles, digestive system (esophagus, stomach and intestines), circulatory system (heart, arteries and veins), respiratory system (lungs), skeleton (bones), nervous system (brain and nerves) , urinary system, female and male reproductive system.


    The set contains 11 vital organs, muscles, nerves, arteries and veins to be positioned and superimposed on a child's silhouette and 34 color-coded labels for each organ and bone. This will allow the child to learn how to place and name each organ while having fun.


    Product information:

    - 51 magnets

    - printed magnetic sheet in flexible material

    - designed and produced in France by Ma Cabane à Rêves


      Ages 3+