Helper Tower
  • Helper Tower


    What is the Montessori kitchen helper?

    The Montessori kitchen helper tower, also known as the leaning tower, is a raised platform designed to bring a child up to counter level safely. With the help of steps and safety bars, a child can independently, yet securely, help in the kitchen. Helper towers have become incredibly popular in both Montessori and regular households.

    Learning towers bring a lot of benefits to a home.

    Based on the principles coming from a Montessori education centered around involving a child in everyday activities, the helper tower is perfect for encouraging independence. The helper tower also allows for participation in cooking, teaching a sense of responsibility, respect, and curiosity. Children who have helped in cooking are a lot more likely to eat the meal prepared happily.


    • Made out of sustainably sourced wood
    Color: birch
    • Details & Care

      • Height: 90 cm (35″)
      • Width: 43 cm (16.9″)
      • Depth: 44 cm (17.3″)
      • Standing height at medium level: 42 cm (16.5″) from the ground