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Baby Nest Forest
  • Baby Nest Forest


    A multifunctional baby cocoon created out of love for children: so that the baby always has his own, friendly place to play, sleep and rest under the watchful eye of the parent. Lying in a cocoon, the baby can spend time with his parent, accompanying him during various activities, such as work, resting on the couch, bathing and even during outdoor activities. Ideally suited to travel, babies sometimes hardly endure foreign places, a new environment, thanks to our cocoon, the child can always have a place to relax with him.

    The inner part of the sides and the bottom are made of breathable cotton, and the outer part is made of a soft and air-permeable elegant velvet. The sides are filled with a soft, anti-allergic silicone ball. We sew an elastic fleece into the bottom of the cocoon, thanks to which the cocoon can be washed in the washing machine without the risk of moving. The cocoon ca